Download Youtube Videos (PC and Mac)

Downloading a youtube video is now easier than ever. It can be done without installing a program. Simply take your Youtube URL to KeepVid and start downloading your video. If you choose to download a program for your computer I've included both links for Windows and Mac users.

Download a YouTube down loader for your Windows computer from 

Mac users can also visit for a YouTube downloader

How To: Pay Less Every Time

Every time you go to buy something time is a factor. It all has to do with time. Next time you go buy something do research, the internet is full of knowledge you just need to go learn it. It will get you a long way. The more you know the better decisions you can make and the closer you are to a lower price. I am going to give you a specific example with buying a computer or some electronics.

1. Know What You're Buying
Do research on products that are similar and some that are better. Find out how much it is to fix just in case.

2. Places To Buy
There are many ways to buy things other than a store. There's local listings like craigslist, online markets like eBay or Amazon.

3. Discounts
You can always get a discount some how. Whether its an eBay auction or a low listing on amazon, or negotiating with a person or maybe the next state over has less tax.

4. Compare Prices
All stores are competing against each other. Stores are always having promotions or sales.

Top 5 Reasons to buy a Mac

1. No Viruses
Apple computers are not prone to viruses like a Windows computer.

2. Run Windows
You can run Windows XP, Vista or 7 on a Mac. This is done with a built in software called "boot camp", its free and easy to use. It's included in Mac OS X 10.5 or later versions. Boot camp requires an intel based Mac.

Save Money with an ATM Card

Save a lot of money by using a debit card instead of cash. By using a debit/ATM card all the loose change stays in the bank and can be used accurately for your next purchase.

Save Money When Buying Online

Before you purchase online do a quick search for online coupons.

1. For example, if your buying something from Nike just search "Nike Coupons"

2. Look for a coupon code. This code can also be tested before you make your purchase.

Fix Youtube Streaming Speed on Firefox

Have you noticed how Youtube lags on the Mozilla Firefox web browser? The solution is below.

1. Go to your Firefox address bar and enter "about:config"

2. In the filter box, type "browser.sessionstore.interval"

3. You will see a value of 10000. Change it to 6000000

The reason for the changes are due to the session restore function. Firefox saves your open tabs every 10 seconds by default, interrupting youtube videos. So the change of 10 seconds (10000) now becomes 10 minutes (6000000). As posted by LifeHacker