Vegan Diet Taught Me

1. Eating Healthy; Just a Piece of the Puzzle
Healthy eating is good as long as everything is done at the right time and with a positive attitude. Exercise is just as important as well as sleep. I rather not go through a list of dos and dont's, I've learned to go with the flow and make progress through experience. 

Buy Authentic Shoes at a Low Price

Each sneaker is identified with a SKU # of the sneakers,  it can be found on the size tag or shoe box. When you search a SKU online you will have a greater chance of finding sellers because writing it is a more precise search. The SKU shown is of the Jordan X Shadow.

The following can be used for NIKE or Jordan sneakers. Call NIKE and ask lookup the SKU in any factory stores. The rep will search across the 50 States for NIKE outlets and factory stores for the sneaker. If the sneaker is found ask them for the phone # and call. Double check with the factory store to search the SKU, if available they are will take a debit/credit card payment and ship it out for a reasonable price.

Update NFL 2K5 Rosters

ESPN NFL 2K5 can be updated to the 2012-2013 season rosters.  These roster files will work on original Xbox, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2.

Xbox - 2012-2013 Rosters

PS2 - 2012-2013 Rosters

For full details on roster updates visit Operation Sports or NFL2K5Rosters.

Learn how to transfer the files to Xbox 360.

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Better to Barter

I usually look to sell things on craigslist, but lately I've opened up to bartering or trading instead of selling for the quick cash. There's a barter section on craigslist. By bartering there's a higher chance to acquire an item of greater value, this is because there are a lot more variables in bartering. If you have an item someone wants at the moment then there's a chance they're willing to trade for an item that may be of greater value. Give it a try, it's much easier to attempt to barter when you have a popular item that ranges quick interest like an iPhone, or some fancy gadget. Patience is essential to bartering, it's like fishing, choose your bate and wait until something comes up. Cheers.

Real life example, today I traded an iPhone 3G 16GB for a Dell Netbook. I had bought the iPhone for $80 to sell it for double but instead I traded it for a Dell Netbook that values $260 on the street. The barter ad was up for a month.

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Get Online Services for $5

fiverr is a website that offers services for just five dollars. People are willing to do all kinds of gigs such as graphics, video, online marketing and more. You can also offer your own gig to sell for five dollars.

Note: There are other similar websites. However fiverr is the most popular and least expensive.

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Free Postage (USPS)

Simply switch he "To:" and "From:" addresses on the letter and drop it off at the mailbox. Put your address at the "To:" field and the addressee's address in the "From:" field. When the mail-carrier notices that there is no postage stamp they will label the letter RTS (return to sender). The letter will then be sent to the address in the "From:" field.

Note: The mail carrier might not be that generous so don't send anything too valuable and keep the addresses within the same city or so. Either way it's worth a try.

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7 Best Places to Buy Video Games Cheap

Whether your a casual gamer on a budget, reseller or a video game collector this list details the best places to buy old video games cheap.


The rare side of eBay. is a site most people are not aware of, the items listed here are not listed on the main page. You are sure to find various items here at lower prices than say Amazon. Very reasonable prices plus a great place to check the value of video games. Downside is that it's virtually impossible to message the seller, you have to jump leaps and bounds to do so.

Get Netflix for Free

Netflix offers a 1 month free trial for first time customers. You can renew the free trial by disguising yourself as a different customer. Simply sign up again with a different email and debit/credit card. The free trial will work for streaming videos online, not for rentals in the mail.

How To: Save Battery on iOS Device

This tip may come off as odd since it's been understood that 'Airplane Mode' cuts off all wireless activity. On the contrary, it still allows the use of Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth on any iOS device i.e. iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. It will more than double the battery life of the iOS device. Use it on any generation iPod Touch and (Wi-Fi only) iPads.

The reason being, the iPod Touch and iPad (Wi-Fi only) do not use cellular data. If you happen to already use your iPhone as an iPod Touch and not as a phone then this will work as well. 

1. Select Settings
2. Switch Airplane Mode 'ON'
3. Proceed to turn on Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth. Both will still function while Airplane mode in 'ON'.

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Play Music For Free Online

Spotify is an amazing program that creates a network of music. Listen to complete albums, songs, radio playlist or playlists created by others. Create your own playlist and/or add any media files on your computer. It's the one program to control all of your music.

Grooveshark offers free music to be streamed. Listen to not yet released music albums plus comedy albums. The audio quality is also better than YouTube. Grooveshark is also available as a mobile site and smartphone app.

YouTube is another option for streaming music and MP3's.

DatPiff has various Hip-Hop and R&B free mixtapes to download. Mobile app also available.

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Save Money on Car Insurance

Remove certain options in the car insurance policy. You may be paying for something you do not need. For example, in addition to your car having insurance in the state that you live in, you may also be paying to be covered in the surrounding states.

In this case, call the car insurance agency and ask them which are optional and remove the ones that best fit you.

Note: You may need to be a bit aggressive. A representative is not often called with this request and may quickly brush you off.

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Avoid PayPal Fees

paypal goods send service
Avoid PayPal fees when sending a payment. The recipient of the payment will receive the exact amount sent. PayPal gets no commission.

1. Sign into PayPal
2. Select "Send Money" tab
3. Choose "I'm paying for goods or services" tab at the bottom
4. This way, the payment will be sent without any fees deducted. The user on the receiving end will receive the exact amount you sent.

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GameStop 7 Day Rental Service

Used games have a 7 Day money back return policy. Buy the game and return it in time to get a refund.

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Find Better Deals on eBay

Negotiate with the seller by using the "Ask a Question" link that is on every eBay ad. Send them a reasonable offer to see if they will consider changing the price, they might cut a deal with you. If what your looking for has many people selling it then it will give you an advantage. Best way to negotiate is by contacting the users who recently posted their items since it will be likely not have bids and any interest.

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