7 Best Places to Buy Video Games Cheap

Whether your a casual gamer on a budget, reseller or a video game collector this list details the best places to buy old video games cheap.


1. half.com
The rare side of eBay. Half.com is a site most people are not aware of, the items listed here are not listed on the eBay.com main page. You are sure to find various items here at lower prices than say Amazon. Very reasonable prices plus a great place to check the value of video games. Downside is that it's virtually impossible to message the seller, you have to jump leaps and bounds to do so.

2. Local Stores/Thrift Shops
Since we all live in different locations, check the yellow pages for mom & pop video game shops and thrift shops. Some are better than others. If you searching on Craigslist you might stumble on video game store ads.

3. eBay
Has just about everything you can find and with patience you a game at a low price via eBay auctions. Visit our article on getting the best deals on eBay other than the usual Buy It Now and Auctions.

4. craigslist
Craigslist is the most popular website for local classified ads. Someone in your area might have the video games  your looking for. Another option is to post a Wanted ad to indicate what you are looking for.

5. CeX
CeX is has a few stores across the U.S. as well as an online store. They both buy and sell video games at a very low price. They also sell in the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain and various other countries.

6. Amazon Retro Gaming Store
Amazon recently opened up a retro game store, now they can compete with half.com. The communication is not the best on Amazon either though.

7. Flea Market/Yard Sales
Both yard sales and flea markets can be found on craigslist or check local listings. You never know what you'll find so be prepared to know how much the games are worth.

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