Better to Barter

I usually look to sell things on craigslist, but lately I've opened up to bartering or trading instead of selling for the quick cash. There's a barter section on craigslist. By bartering there's a higher chance to acquire an item of greater value, this is because there are a lot more variables in bartering. If you have an item someone wants at the moment then there's a chance they're willing to trade for an item that may be of greater value. Give it a try, it's much easier to attempt to barter when you have a popular item that ranges quick interest like an iPhone, or some fancy gadget. Patience is essential to bartering, it's like fishing, choose your bate and wait until something comes up. Cheers.

Real life example, today I traded an iPhone 3G 16GB for a Dell Netbook. I had bought the iPhone for $80 to sell it for double but instead I traded it for a Dell Netbook that values $260 on the street. The barter ad was up for a month.

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