Hack the Original Xbox

The Microsoft Xbox (2001) not to be mixed up with the Xbox 360 has great advantages when modded. It can be turned into a killer media center, an emulation beast and even a computer to browse the web. Plus, the original Xbox was equipped with a preinstalled hard drive meaning you can intall plenty programs and emulators quickly after modding. The best part is that it can be modded and disassembly is not required. 

The Xbox Softmod Kit is a do it yourself service for those who want to mod their Xbox. Includes a written tutorial and a video tutorial and is available for NTSC or PAL. The entire process is done through software meaning that the Xbox does not need to be unscrewed. The Xbox Softmod Kit can also be used to mod several Xbox's with one purchase. The Games Shed provides a video review/tutorial of the Xbox Softmod Kit Tutorial. *the Xbox Softmod Kit is available now at www.xbmcxbox.blogspot.com

After modding, the Xbox will be able to use the Xbox to play retro games via roms & emulation, play burned games, import games and region free DVD's without the need of a DVD playback kit. The Xbox will also be open to homebrew apps that offer many advantages such as XBMC, the media center that streams multimedia to the TV via local network. Also, Xbox Linux Project which allows you to use the Xbox as a computer (PC) to browse the web. 

*Share, the original Xbox is alive!