Vegan Diet Taught Me

1. Eating Healthy; Just a Piece of the Puzzle
Healthy eating is good as long as everything is done at the right time and with a positive attitude. Exercise is just as important as well as sleep. I rather not go through a list of dos and dont's, I've learned to go with the flow and make progress through experience. 

2. Food Taste Better
The further along I got, the more fruits and vegetables I started eating. My menu opened up to healthier foods and there's much more to experience. I enjoyed the food more as well and knowing the health factor gives the food a greater satisfaction.

3. Power
Self-control is power, being more in tune with the body's intelligence has had great influential in my life. I quickly noticed the body's reaction to food and no longer needed so much food to sustain myself, I begun to eat an exact proportion. This makes losing weight effortless. After a meal I feel light and motivated as well as waking up since there are no heavy foods in the system. The tongue is also more sensitive to taste, salts and sweet are much stronger. Plus my breath doesn't stink as bad since I'm nothing dead is being eaten.

4. Craving
I notice peoples desperate cravings for food and how it troubles them. My own cravings are much more evident as well.

5. So Frugal
Food choice is quick and so the simplest things can bring nutrients to the body. Fast food has not been an option and there's no longer a need for a huge meal. If required, I could feed myself with just a few dollars by eating raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. Learn more on 100 + Changes to Turn Around Your Finances

6. New Adventures
Being vegan is fun, new foods entice me now after ignoring them for so long. I'm much more knowledgeable about food and different kinds of local restaurants.