Spelt Chocolate Chip Cookies

The greatest dessert on this planet is the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Going vegan I've had to deny the cookies that I have came across due to the obvious dairy and egg content. No worries, I still had all other kind of goodies that were vegan like Oreos and other sugary desserts. As I went along and cut off processed foods, I stopped eating wheat and sugar all on the same day. Now going a year without wheat or sugar I've taking up the task of making the best and healthiest chocolate chip cookie possible.
So what did I eat in place of wheat, spelt flour. It was either spelt or kamut (khorasan wheat) not to be at all confused with the conventionally processed wheat used today. 'Till this day I've yet to know what kamut taste of feels like and since spelt flour is what shows up at the grocery store it's what I used. Spelt is not popular, especially on the web and even in old and modern cookbooks, it seems that only trial and error would answer my questions. The spelt pancakes come out amazing, I make them everyday, but when it comes to baked goods measurements must be precise. And so comes the difficult part, it was hard enough learning about baking with spelt but what was even more scarce was baking with maple syrup. Yet, to make things that more difficult there are almost no recipes online that use maple syrup together with spelt flour.

My work was set out before me, not to mention that maple syrup can be quite pricey. After reading upon how spelt flour works and how maple syrup responded to oven heat I experimented over and over again. Since I had to learn about both ingredients separately I learned the hard way as sometimes the cookies would just not give out the proper texture but most of the time the proper taste. Spelt and maple syrup weren't the only troubles along the way the butter and egg substitutes also had to be reconstructed. This past weekend I got it right, the oven temperature, the texture and the sweet taste. It is by far the healthiest chocolate chip cookie ever made. Keep in mind this cookie plant-based, also soy free, sugar free and wheat free.