Electric Food Meal Plan

Electric Foods Meal Plan alkaline vegan dr. sebi

Yes! Finally a meal plan for the vegan that eats 100% plant-based, gluten-free and avoids soy, starch and processed sugars. Save time and money with our 21-day Electric Food Meal Plan, now with gluten-free and nut-free options. Our 21-day electric foods meal plan is made from electric and alkaline foods which help the body heal and nourish itself. Those on a vegetarian diet are also welcome. Available for a limited time, it's the only meal plan you'll ever need, it's over-packed with information to improve you and your family's health for years to come. 

Today, the traditional vegan diet being promoted lacks nutrition and is jeopardizing our own bodies because its filled with starch, soy, processed sugars and grains. We are uninformed about true natural food, which is both nutritious and healing. Our recipes are free from soy, sugar, wheat and conventional rice. We use only plant-based substitutes for all your common ingredients such as sugar, wheat and rice. The meal plan includes: 

Full-color Electric Food Info-graphic

5 page full-color illustration gives you a visual of electric foods, food substitutions and fruits in their season. 

A holistic re-introduction to health.

Learn what to eat as well as when to eat. Our meal plan will assist you with eating according to your digestive system's rhythm pattern.

The best nutrition on a budget.

Receive the best nutrition on a budget with a low cost grocery list which also makes use of all of the food purchased that week.

3 culture inspired weeks of electric foods.

Cook from 3 inspired weeks of electric foods for a variety of dishes each week inspired by a different culture. You will have full control of what foods enter your body because you'll be cooking from scratch or whole ingredients. The meals are simple to cook and are consumed in a minimums time.

Nutritional guide.

Get back to nature with every meal. Use our nutritional guide to give yourself the flexibility to eat freely knowing that your body will receive proper nutrition with electric alkaline foods.

Electric Food Meal Plan