Buy a Bad ESN/MEID iPhone vs an iPod Touch

For every iPod Touch released there is a more powerful and capable iPhone. The latest comparison being the iPhone 5 vs. iPod Touch 5G by Gizmag. Some notable advantages the iPhone are better camera, faster processor. Also consider iPod 4th gen (2012) vs. iPhone 4S comparison, in which the iPhone takes a much greater advantage.

How To Get a Free Computer Monitor or Television Set

A old television set and a CRT computer monitor, these are the two items I mostly see given away for free via craigslist. It's odd really since they are also being sold in the electronics section. People get rid of these items far too often, or at least in the Boston area.

An old television set has quite a few advantages to it, such as playing retro video games since the video game was made especially for it. The oval/egg shaped screen on the older TV'S are best for playing light gun games on retro consoles as mentioned this video game collection video by AlphaOmegaSin.

A CRT computer monitor can be used to test a computers functionality or as a temporary display. They usually have a VGA connector which is still very common.