Banana, Dates and Nut Recipes

Bananas, Dates and Nut recipes
Burro Banana, the color is yellow when ripe.

Did you know that with just three ingredients and a food processor you could make numerous recipes and desserts? Neither did I until I started noticing that I was putting bananas, dates and nuts in everything. Dates provide a gooey sweetness and often times bind foods together. Bananas can be used as a thickener in smoothies and to give some foods body. Nuts can be quite diverse depending on how they are processed in the food processor. In the food processor nuts become nut meal and if processed even longer they turn into nut butter.

For more time consuming recipes nuts can be softened in spring water for an hour or so. Getting in the mix of making recipes let's not forget that being plant-based can all be eaten just as they are. Below are a few recipes from having these three main ingredients, enjoy!

Also good to note, there are burro bananas that can serve as two different purposes. When a burro banana is green it can be used to fry as slices, which will taste very similar to plantain slices without all the starch of course or boiled for a kind of mashed potato flavor. It can also be baked for chips or boiled and mashed. A ripe burro banana it becomes yellow and you there you'll have the original banana. With a rip burro you can apply the recipes as so. A burro banana is the healthiest and most nutritious banana you can buy.

Before beginning here are the instructions on how to sprout raw nuts.

Nut Butter
In the food processor place 1 cup of raw nuts and blend until it has the consistency of nut butter. The consistency will turn into nut meal before it turns into nut butter. Be sure to check it frequently as it may need some adjusting for proper processing.

Nut Meal
In the food processor place 1 cup of raw nuts and blend until it has the consistency of nut meal.

Nut Milk
Nut milk can be made in two ways, one with nut butter and the other by first sprouting raw nuts.

Nut Milk via sprouted nuts - sprout the nuts, peel the skin off and add the 1-cup of sprouted nuts into the food processor, add 3.5 cups of water, ¼ cinnamon, 2-4 dates. Adding vanilla is optional.

Nut Milk (easy method) via nut butter - make nut butter in the food processor by pouring a cup of raw nuts (not sprouted) into the food processor. Blend until nuts turn into nut butter. It first turns into nut meal and then nut butter further along. Add a pinch of sea salt during the process. To make 1 cup of nut milk, add 1 tbsp of nut-  butter to 1 cup of water and 1-2 dates to sweeten. Adding vanilla is optional.
*you may have to stop the food processor and play with the nuts to continue blending
Dates fruit

Banana Smoothie
1 cup worth of bananas
¾ cup of nut milk (recipe above)
1-2 dates

Fruit & Nut Bar
There are two flavors of fruit & nut bars that can be made. One is a type of banana bread and the other is just a mix of nuts and dates. To make a fruit & nut bar simply blend the ingredients given below until a formed texture forms to create a bar.

Banana Bread Bar - 1 cup nuts, 1 cup dried bananas, 1 cup dates

Dates & Nuts Bar - 1 cup nuts, 1 cup dates

Pancakes *Updated

This one is experimental, meaning that I have not tested it yet. However, I have seen recipes that use nut meal and bananas to create a pancakes with an egg. Therefore, I assume that sea moss can be used as a binder in substitution for the egg.

Pancakes via perrier water method 
Mix ½ cup nut meal, 
¼ cup banana, 
1 tsp perrier water and create a pancake consistency with water. 
Cook low heat with a tsp of olive oil or grape-seed oil.

Pancakes via sea moss & perrier water
Mix ½ cup of nut meal w/1 tsp perrier water. 
In a separate bowl mix 1/4 tsp of sea moss with a dab of perrier water to create a mushy consistency because it is being used as binder. 
Add ¼ cup of bananas and mix all together for a pancake consistency. 
Cook low heat with a tsp of grape-seed oil.

Burro Chips
Peel the green burro banana and slice into thin slices (like 1⁄8 inch), bake at 350F. 

Mashed Burro

Peel the green burro banana and cut into 8 pieces, add sea salt to water and put in the pieces, boil until the it is soft enough to mash, remove the burro banana from the water and mash w/ olive oil or grape-seed oil, continue mashing until it gets to you’re the texture you prefer. Add a bit of water if you would like a more puree texture.

*Optional, heat a different pan w/ grape-seed oil and place a few slices of red onion to garnish the mashed burro bananas. The leftover oil can also be used to flavor the dish. 

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