Electric Food Meal Plan

Electric Foods Meal Plan alkaline vegan dr. sebi

Yes! Finally a meal plan for the vegan that eats 100% plant-based, gluten-free and avoids soy, starch and processed sugars. Save time and money with our 21-day Electric Food Meal Plan, now with gluten-free and nut-free options. Our 21-day electric foods meal plan is made from electric and alkaline foods which help the body heal and nourish itself. Those on a vegetarian diet are also welcome. Available for a limited time, it's the only meal plan you'll ever need, it's over-packed with information to improve you and your family's health for years to come. 

Today, the traditional vegan diet being promoted lacks nutrition and is jeopardizing our own bodies because its filled with starch, soy, processed sugars and grains. We are uninformed about true natural food, which is both nutritious and healing. Our recipes are free from soy, sugar, wheat and conventional rice. We use only plant-based substitutes for all your common ingredients such as sugar, wheat and rice. The meal plan includes: 

Poor Man's Pad Thai

Poor Man's Pad Thai

When you have the bare mineral in your kitchen cabinets but want to make a quick tasty meal look no further than the Poor Man's Pad Thai. Cooked up when I had the cravings for Asian cuisine, I cooked up this dish in a hurry. Enjoy! 

Stovetop Pizza

Stovetop Pizza

Make stovetop pizza, no need for an oven. It even tastes better, the crust is crisp to the crunch and everything on top heats up nicely. 

Marinara Sauce with Pasta

Marinara Sauce

Today I'm making pasta with tomato marinara sauce. If you wish to make your own vegan spelt pasta. It can be made with a pasta maker or by hand. You may also find quinoa or kamut pasta at the supermarket. Some gluten-free pasta options are 100% quinoa, spaghetti squash or cutting zucchini or king oyster mushroom into noodles.

Sautéed Mushrooms

Sauteed Mushrooms
Sautéed Portobello Mushrooms 

Sautéed mushrooms are simple and easy to make. Only 3 main ingredients, I used my favorite mushroom the portobello. You can use oyster or brown button. Serve with a side of quinoa or wild rice to complete the meal. 

Irish Moss Blend

Irish Moss Bladderwrack Blend Powder

Highly alkaline forming containing 92 of the 102 minerals the body is made of. It consists of Irish moss (seamoss) and bladderwrack.

Custom Electric Food Meal Plan

Custom Electric Food Meal Plan

Custom Electric Foods Meal Plan - Download

Yes! Create your Custom Electric Foods Meal Plan around your lifestyle. We all have different schedules and are on different parts of the transition, so no matter what your goals are we will customize this meal plan to your liking.

•  Customize breakfast, lunch and dinner.
•  Choose between quick meals or sophisticated recipes.
•  Control grocery shopping costs.
•  Focus towards weight loss option.
•  Define what foods you want to avoid and prefer.

Transitioning to Electric Foods

Transitioning to Electric Foods

The list below is for you to make an easier transition from acid to alkaline foods based on the electric foods list. You will also find easy recipes plus the knowledge of what to buy at the grocery stores and where it may be found at best price.