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Transition to a healthier lifestyle with healthier foods.

It doesn't matter your current diet, everything has a healthy substitute for weight loss and health goals. Achieve your health goals by charging your body with proper nutrition.

Melon Smoothie

One ingredient melon smoothie with all the fiber. 

Morir Soñando (Dominican Beverage)


Morir Soñando is a sweet Dominican beverage. This recipe makes a spin on the traditional recipe by making it hemp seed milk, using sour oranges and sweetening it with agave.

Kombu Dashi Broth

Kombu Dashi Broth

After purchasing kamut udon noodles I've been making Asian inspired dishes. One of these dishes is a soup made from a dashi broth. Kombu is a sea vegetable, it is a type of kelp and is the main ingredient in dashi broth. There are many variations of dashi broth. One of these dashi broth varieties is made with shiitake mushroom but here we're using a porcini mushroom.

Sea Moss Gel


Sea moss gel can be made from its powder form and used in the kitchen in several ways. In gel form, sea moss can be used as a thickening agent, binding agent and when used correctly it can make baked goods rise in the oven.

Review - Spelt and Kamut Udon Pasta - Eden Foods


A review of Eden Foods udon pasta noodles. Eden Foods makes 100% Spelt and 100% Kamut (Khorasan wheat) udon noodles.

Hemp Seed Smoothie


Here's another recipe to get your daily dose of sea moss. As of late I've been substituting my sweeteners for fruits i.e. dates and figs and this smoothie makes it easier to do so. All it takes is your average blender and boiling spring water and the dates/figs will dissolve. Boiling water allows it to blend the dates or figs easier and makes for a smoother smoothie. Hemp seeds are used because they are a good source for omega-3.



It had been years since first making falafels. These falafels came out great and they were easy to make. You don't even have to pre-cook the chickpeas, instead they are left in water for 24 hours to soak up all the water and soften. After that, it's as simple as adding the ingredients into the food processor, chopping up and frying.