Questions & Answers on the Electric Food List

I got a chance to write to Malik Solomon a student of the electric food list from eCornell University. I asked him questions concerning the electrical food list to pin point the essentials on the list. 


Making guacamole is as simple as it gets. Here we'll show you the simplest way and a more complex way of making it.

Pico De Gallo (Salsa)

Pico De Gallo is a simple salsa made in various forms. This variation is simple with only 5 ingredients with one of them optional. This Mexican salsa can be used anywhere you would use guacamole such as wraps or eaten with chips.

Pesto Sauce

I've never had pesto sauce before some one mad it for me to eat with fried burro banana chips. It's simple and goes quite well with the dish. This is a simple 5-ingredient recipe.

Injera Recipe (Ethiopian Flatbread)

Injera Recipe (Ethiopian Flatbread)

Injera is an Ethiopian flatbread. Teff flour can be found at your local supermarket, usually bob's red mill has it for sale. Teff grain is gluten-free and has a bit of a sour taste to it. Injera is a sourdough flatbread, no need to add yeast or any leavening agent. For a traditional breakfast, see how we used this same gluten-free flour to make teff pancakes.

Tiny Houses - Build A Sustainable Tiny Home on Wheels

Below is the documentary We The Tiny House People. It was brought to my attention this past weekend about how building a home so small that it could be brought on the road. At first it sounded like just a fancy trailer but I had no idea how fancy it really was. Being frugal minded the idea of a tiny home seems almost ideal. There are blueprints and a large community willing to help just check out reddit at /r/tinyhouses. Growing up, its encouraged to eventually buy a home and pay mortgage but the idea of a tiny home seems more intelligent. There are blueprints on how to build it and the documentary shows a 16 yr old starting his home project so that by the time he moves out he already has a home, smart kid. It seems that as long as you can find inexpensive labor the less expensive the house will be. There are various forms of houses, some more spacious than others while others have many customizations and some with even two lofts to sleep comfortably in. 

Teff Pancakes

More often than not when you see the gluten-free label it'll likely be substituted by starch of some kind. When it comes to gluten-free pancakes that's often the case. Instead of making a gluten-free mix of starchy flours today we'll simply use Teff. Teff is predominately grows in Ethiopia and Eritrea it is a gluten-free grain and is the main ingredient in Injera, the Ethiopian flat bread. What's great about these pancakes is that you won't need xanthan gum nor any hard to find ingredients. Matter of fact this recipe is not too different than our Spelt flour pancakes. Find teff flour at stop & shop or whole foods market. Teff can also be used as a flour substitute in our portobello mushroom patties.