Transitioning to Electric Foods

Transition to Electric Foods

The list below is for you to make an easier transition from acid to alkaline foods based on the electric foods list. You will also find easy recipes plus the knowledge of what to buy at the grocery stores and where it may be found at best price.

Water: To alkaline your water simply squeeze half of one key lime (seeded fruit) with a pinch of sea salt into one gallon of spring water. Do not drink distilled water. A much better option is to see if there is local spring water accessible to your community. Visit to check. 

All-Purpose Flour (alternative): Spelt or KAMUT flour will likely be the easiest transition. Spelt flour is usually less expensive than KAMUT. KAMUT is Khorasan Wheat but it is not to be mixed up with whole wheat nor white flour.

Gluten-Free Flour: If you have celiac and require a gluten-free flour then chickpea/garbanzon flour is by far one of the best alternatives, it is also very affordable. See recipe on Homemade Chickpea Flour.

Beans (alternative): Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are good to eat in moderation.

Black pepper corns, white pepper & paprika (alternative): Cayenne pepper is a good alternative.

Bread: Try making flat bread or tortillas since it doesn't require a leavening agent. See our recipe for Flatbread.

Gluten-Free Bread: If you have celiac and require a gluten-free flour then chickpea/garbanzo flour is by far one of the best alternatives, it is also very affordable. See our recipe for Chickpea Flour Tortilla.

Butter (alternative): You can use avocados, olive oil or grapeseed oil. Grape seed oil will also work for baking goods although I've recently noticed that cake needs no oil neither a butter substitute.

Cereal (cold): So far I've noticed kamut puffs at Whole Foods Market, they have a neutral taste even less flavorful than plain Cheerios. You'll have to spice it up with sweetener, fruit etc. Whole grain amaranth made into micro popcorn can also be used as cereal, they may have a better texture than kamut puffs. I've also came across Spelt Flakes by Arrowhead Mills. 

*Popping amaranth takes skill

Cheese (alternative): Avocados and tahini sauce mixed together.

Chips (alternative): Nori chips, which is a seaweed. Amaranth micro-popcorn is an alternative and easy to make at home. It's like making popcorn from kernels however, much more nutritious coming from Amaranth an ancient grain. It can be used as a snack with sea salt or as a cereal starter.

Collard Greens (alternative): Good alternatives are kale, turnip greens and Callaloo (amaranth greens).

Cranberries (alternative): All other berries are good.

French Fries (alternative): Bake green burro bananas. Just cut them thin as you like. 

Garlic(alternative): Red onion or green top onions (scallions) are good alternatives.

Grits (alternative): Fonio and amaranth are good replacements. Amaranth has many uses such as micro-popcorn, cereal and others.

Iceberg lettuce (alternative): Romaine lettuce is a good alternative.

Ice Cream: See our 1-ingredient ice cream recipe.

Juice/Drinks: Obviously use sweeteners in place of sugar for various fruit juices. I've noticed that raspberry leaves (herb) infused make a great tasting drink, serve cold after infusing. The raspberry has a subtle raspberry taste and it would go great with an added sweetener such as agave served cold. The herb Tila is also great for tea. 

Lemon (alternative): Limes (key limes preferred) or sour orange as alternatives. Just like a lime with a taste a bit more on the citrus side, find it in Spanish corner stores or grocery store at times. They may look like limes, I've seen them in lime size and medium. A sour orange can also be used.

Sour Orange Recipes: 

Meat/Fish/Flesh: Mushrooms are great alternatives for meat. We use mushrooms often, if you don't like mushrooms give one of our simple recipes a try. 

Mushroom Recipes:

Milk: Make homemade hempseed milk and/or walnut milk. Do not buy these milks from the store because they are acidic and tastes nothing like their ingredients, store bought vegan milks also contains numerous chemicals and has a long shelf life. By far the easiest milk recipe is to blend 1Tbsp of walnuts and 1 cup of spring water, add sweetener to taste. Whole grain cooked amaranth or quinoa can also be used for milk, simply pop the 1/2 cup amaranth (takes about 5 min) then blend it w/water, add sweetener to taste. 

Learn how to make seed or nut milk.

Multi-mineral: To substitute a store bought multi-mineral use sea moss. We sell sea moss combined with bladderwrack. They are two sea vegetables, organic, wild-crafted and provide the body with the minerals it needs. Sea moss is available at our store

Purchase organic sea moss from our store. 

Nutmeg (alternative): Ground ginger combine with clove is a great alternative. 

Nut/Fruit Bar: Use a food processor to process dates and nuts to create a fruit & nut bar or balls. See recipe for date and walnut balls

Oil (alternative): Olive oil is best for dressing and is easily available. Coconut oil is another option for garnishing oils. Olive oil and coconut oil are best for garnishing and not to cook with. 

Oil (alternative) for cooking: To cook there are an option of grape-seed oil, hemp oil, sesame oil and avocado oil. Here is the breakdown of the oils. 

  • Grape-seed oil: Neutral flavor, least expensive, comparable to corn or vegetable oil in taste. 
  • Sesame oil: Strong flavor, used in many oriental/asian dishes. I use it to replace soy sauce for dipping. 
  • Avocado oil: One of the more expensive cooking oils, very tasty. It can substituted for cooking easily, very rich in flavor. 

Pasta: It seems impossible to find pasta with only these grains in the ingredients at the super market, they're usually mixed with brown rice or corn. These pastas can however be found online i.e. spelt or kamut pasta. Kelp noodles are also an alternative. The best noodles I've had are also at the best price. See my review for spelt and kamut udon pasta from eden foods.

See our marinara pasta recipe.

Peanut butter (alternative): Home-made seed or nut butter is preferred. See recipe for seed and nut butter.

Rice (alternative): Wild rice, you can also try quinoa for a rice-like dish. See our Wild Rice Vegetable Stir-fry Recipe. Quinoa may be easier on the palate. 

Sandwich: One sandwich example is to simply saute portobello mushrooms and vegetables for a veggie pattie, recipe here. There are many veggie burger recipes out there as well that get creative.

Sugar (alternative): There are many natural options for sweeteners agave (from cactus) being the most affordable as well as dates, figs, prunes.

Potatoes (alternative): A green burro banana is an excellent substitute, it can be mashed like potatoes or lightly fried like french fries. Other alternatives are butternut squash and green bananas. See our mashed green banana recipe

Pizza: I thought my pizza days were over, especially since all the vegan cheese at the supermarkets are full of starches and highly processed. You may like a pizza marinara which is simple but tastes fantastic, it's simply a pizza with fresh tomato sauce, oregano, sea salt and basil. See our Stovetop Pizza Recipe

Tomato Sauce: Make your own delicious marinara tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes. Also, try our pizza sauce made from cherry or plum tomatoes.

Tomato Recipes:

Veggie Burger: Try this Portobello mushroom pattie recipe which can be pan dehydrated, pan fried or baked.

Yams: Squash as an alternative.

Making a meal: Learn how to make an electric meal easily with our guide Revolving Electric Meal